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Passion - Integrity - Technology

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The Specialized Group was birthed in Mauritius in 2007 by Shane Rolfe our current Team Leader and CEO. It has grown from humble beginnings to Seven business units with the business ethos of People, Planet and Profit. We mainly focus in on two aspects: The Environment and Technology, aiming to reduce the bad effects of Energy and Water wastage, toxic chemicals and plastic on the environment, working together with the hospitality industry.

We achieve this through innovative technologies which are protected by several International Patents. We are the first Bio Technology company in the Indian Ocean, with offices in Mauritius, Seychelles, Reunion and Maldives. The group is the main supplier of Ozone Technology in the Region and also has companies in the Leisure Industry where by we manufacture Leisure Boats in two factories based in South Africa. In Electronics we represent two main brands in the region - Garmin the world leader in GPS technology and Fusion Electronics a specialist brand in Audio entertainment systems.

Our Companies

Specialized Cleaning Technologies

Bio Technology Cleaning Products for the Hospitality industry.

Ozone Technology for Dishwashers/Kitchens/Laundry/Water Treatment.

Odour Remediation Treatment of Grease Traps and Septic Treatment Plants

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Specialized Technologies

Energy Management Systems for reduction of Electricity costs in Hotels

Solar Projects

Wind Turbines

Tidal Turbines

Inncom Room Energy Saving Systems

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Garmin Indian Ocean

GPS products in the following Categories (Marine, Automotive, Sports and Fitness, Aviation, Outdoor, Hunting, Dog Training)

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Fusion Electronics Indian Ocean

Specialist Audio Equipment for Boats and Automotive

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Poseidon Water Company

In House Water Bottling systems for Hotels, Restaurants and Corporate. Air to Water Dispenser

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K-BRO Coffee

Whether you are a large hotel or small coffee shop we have the perfect solution for you..........Great Coffee!


Professional bar mixers and coffee syrups

POTEMA mattress cleaning

The POTEMA® cleaning process is the fastest and most hygienic way to deeply clean mattresses.

A certified POTEMA® specialist comes to your home and checks the condition of the mattress. A small part of the mattress is cleaned and a test for allergy-causing mite feces is done. When you gave order, the entire mattress is thoroughly cleaned with a special cleaning system. Following cleaning, the surface of the mattress is treated with POTEMA® Mattresses Clean Spray, which inhibits mites from reproducing by using natural essential oils.

ROBEX floor and roof systems

Specialist flooring company that manufactures world-leading resin floor coatings, protective surface coatings and flexible waterproofing systems for the residential, industrial and commercial markets


World leaders in Liquid coffee solutions for hotel breakfast coffee

West Coast Wake

High End Leisure Boats from 15ft - 30ft for Skiing or Fishing, 18 different models, manufactured in South Africa in two separate factories.

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Professional cleaning equipment manufactured in Denmark.

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Sustainability Culture

Sustainability is key to our strategy for continued growth and all of our products and technologies have a beneficial impact on the world around us.

Good governance is a cornerstone of sustainability and the group has well established policies and management systems to support this which apply to all operations worldwide. Legal requirements are a minimum standard and in many cases our policies and systems are in advance of these.

Innovation at the Specialized Group is driven by our investment in research and development, an integral part of our growth strategy.

Contact us to find out about our R&D activities, our history of innovation and our latest technological developments in Sustainability.


  • Address : Villa 3 Terre Brunes, Maingard Estate, Black Rock, Tamarin 90901
  • +230 483 6855 - +230 54 222 500